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Open Source

#1 Post by mottosso » Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:38 am

Hi Kurtis!

I just heard about your project through the grape vine and wanted to chime in and say it looks fantastic and sorely needed, finally!

About this thread, I was looking for a General Discussion type forum to put it in, this might not be the rigt place for it, welcome to move to a more appropriate place!

My question is with regards to Open Source and what your thoughts on it are? Having ventured down this road myself for a few years, one of the obstacles to me was gaining trust in a product you had little control over and was unable to gain insight into the "belly of the beast", if you will. Going open source partly solved this, but the of course made it that much more difficult to monetize.

So what are your thoughts on open source with regards to Kurtis?

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Re: Open Source

#2 Post by jerome » Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:27 pm


Sorry for the delay,
we are currently in the thick of preparations for Siggraph.

It's a good question :)
The Research and Development of Kurtis is susbtantial.
Of course, the major limitation of open-source is the cost.

We want to offer a viable and durable solution.
So, we must have the means to propose new features and keep the software stability.
We could not do it indefinitely in open-source.

We are very sensitive to the points that you describe.
The Kurtis architecture has been designed to be particulary open, and to meet the specific needs of differents studios. The Kurtis API is really powerful for this.
We have just authorised to be accessible outside of Kurtis.
Studios can create their in-house plugins, can access the Kurtis database, or execute graphs from third-party software for example.

We are also sensitive to the open-source aspect.
We provides all nodes under free BSD License.
Graph examples to geocache export, assembly scenes, etc, will soon be available.
Each studio can freely modify built-in nodes or create in-house nodes from scratch.

We have planned (Q4-2017) to allow free exchange of nodes and graphs on our forum.
Some nodes and graphs will undoubtedly be confidential
But it allows Tds and studios to share some of their expertise with the community.

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