Details about new features in Kurtis 1.5

The Getting Started Guide

The basics of Kurtis ( a must read)

Concepts and Philosophy


Learn what are the concepts in Kurtis.

Details about installing the server part


The main Kurtis shortcuts

Details about installing the client part

Licence installation


All you need to know about licensing

Export Geocaches example

Learn how to make a simple graph for exporting .abc with Maya

Configure yourself the different servers

Connect Kurtis and Shotgun

Learn how to connect Kurtis and Shotgun through scripts


My first Maya node

01 Workspace Explain

Learn how to make a simple node with widgets

Explains each area of Kurtis

My second Maya node

Learn how to make a SaveMayaFile node.

Explains how to create a structure in the variable tree

03 VarTree (2/2) - create variables

Explains how to create variables and modify them in the variable tree

04 Create Node (1/3) - create node and script logs

Explains how to create a node and check its execution

05 Create Node (2/3) - create plugs and UI

Explains how to create plugs in the UI of a node

06 Create Node (3/3) - create hooks

Explains how to create a hook for dynamic menu

07 Create a Graph - Search And Replace

Explains how to create a simple graph to replace text in files

08 Create Subgraph

Explains how to create a subgraph and use it

09 Create Graph Presets

Learn how to deal with presets and preset levels