Before launching Kurtis,


  •  Add the Shotgun library (shotgun_api3) in the Kurtis installation folder, inside « lib/pymodules ».

    For example: c:\Program Files\Texels\Kurtis\exec1.1\lib\pymodules\shotgun_api3
    (the library can be found here : )

  • Copy the 2 scripts provided « create_assets_in_shotgun » and « get_variables_from_shotgun » in the following folder  « root → presets → ui » of your Kurtis project.

    (For example: p:\Projects_Kurtis\YourProject\root\presets\ui\)

    They will appear in the lower left part of the UI when you select « Project » in the pulldown menu.


Create a shotgun project. In the provided scripts, change the connection informations for Shotgun as the address, the login, the password and the project name.


  • In your Kurtis project, create a « Library » block type and rename it as « Library ». (the script is based on this name but you can change it).
  • Inside this library, create « Element » blocks. Rename them as you want. They will be copied in Shotgun.
  • Execute the script « create_assets_in_shotgun ».

  • In your Shotgun project, access to the « Assets » page. New assets have been added.

  • Change their type.
  • Go back to Kurtis and select the « Elements » type blocks you previously created.

  • Execute now the script « get_variables_from_shotgun ».

  • You have now the type parameters, the type asset and the id coming from Shotgun.

Communicate with Shotgun

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